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When Should My Child Start Music Lessons?

“When should my child start music lessons?”

This is a question we get more than any other at Virtuoso Kids Music Academy. Children of all ages enjoy music in its many forms, but not all are ready for private lessons at earlier ages. That’s why we’re pleased to be offering group lessons at our locations in Nashua, NH and Woburn, MA that allow younger kids to dip their toe into the musical pool in a fun, age appropriate way!

For the youngest (ages 2-4), we have Notehoppers, a class full of songs, dances, and games that incorporates the Prodigy bells curriculum. In this setting, kids are able to explore and learn through fun and play, while also improving tonality and hand/eye coordination.

Pre-K students and graduates of Notehoppers will love the Noterunners class, which continues the concepts of the Notehoppers class with activities and challenges geared towards slightly older children (ages 4-5). Here, they will engage with Bon Tempi mini-instruments like the saxophone, clarinet and piano learning to read a color-coded music system that prepares them for musical notation.

The third preparatory class for Kindergarteners and older is Key Garden (ages 6-7), which once again builds on the lessons of Notehoppers and Noterunners, but finally implementing actual musical notation on full-sized keyboards. Employing a Montessori inspired lesson plan, this class will have your child ready for private lessons in no time!

Wherever your child is starting on their musical journey, we at VKMA are here to point you in the right direction with these fantastic new classes.

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